Relaxing lighting


Item: 4 foot T8 bulb with Medium bi-pin (G13) bases and filament
Specs per ANSI C78.1-1991
32 to 55 Watts capable (depending upon ballast)
Color Temperature: 2200 degrees Kelvin
Can be used with high-output ballasts to reduce number of bulbs requirements
Initial lumens: 3000 at 265 milliamps
Luminous efficacy [efficiency] 90 Lumens per Watt initial
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 85 (3-band phosphor)
Expected life: 60,000 hours in 10 on, 14 off daily cycle
Suitable for rapid start or instant start ballasts; electronic ballast recommended
Can be used as direct replacements for 34 or 40 Watt T12 tubes in many cases
Dimensions cap to cap: 1199.4 mm maximum